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Outlet Types included in the Media Directory & Distribution:


Cable network
Cable production company
Cable program
Cable station
Cable, foreign bureau
Cable, regional bureau
College newspaper
Freelance journalist
Future events/diary service
Industry research organization
Magazine, consumer
Magazine, customer/inflight
Magazine, e-mail
Magazine, fanzine
Magazine, foreign bureau
Magazine, guide/listings
Magazine, news and business
Magazine, regional bureau
Magazine, regional edition
Magazine, trade/technical
News Agency/Wire service
News Agency/Wire service, foreign bureau
News Agency/Wire service, regional bureau
Newsletter, consumer
Newsletter, trade
Newspaper, foreign bureau
Newspaper, regional bureau
Newspaper, regional edition
Online broadcaster
Online news source
Online publication
Photo agency
Production/programming provider
Publication, academic/scientific
Radio network
Radio production company
Radio program
Radio station
Radio, foreign bureau
Radio, regional bureau
Special section
Syndicated column
Television network
Television production company
Television program
Television station
Television, foreign bureau
Television, regional bureau





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